Kamal Haasan meets ‘Manjummel Boys’ team

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Writer-director Chidambaram’s Manjummel Boys is entering its second week in theatres in Kerala and is about to have a Telugu-dubbed version soon. In the meantime, prominent figures from within and beyond Malayalam cinema are showing their appreciation for the film. Earlier, actor Udhayanidhi Stalin heaped praise on it, and the latest to ackno

How businesses are actually using generative AI


IT HAS BEEN nearly a year since OpenAI released GPT-4, its most sophisticated artificial-intelligence model and the brain-of-sorts behind ChatGPT, its groundbreaking robot conversationalist. In that time the market capitalisation of America’s technology industry, broadly defined, has risen by half, creating $6trn in shareholder value. For some tech

5 DePIN projects that are ready to surge in 2024


The DePIN sector is becoming one of the hottest trending categories in the crypto market. It continues to grow at an alarming rate, with thousands of traders looking to get positioned in its bubbling ecosystem to take advantage of the early adopter opportunity. DePIN refers to Decentralised Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN), offering a new a

Melon Mania

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Nutritional benefit Watermelon has 92% water content and it keeps one refreshed and revitalised Loaded with Vitamin A and C, it strengthens immunity, improves vision and nourishes from within The lycopene content promotes healthy cholesterol levels and blood pressure Despite being sweet, watermelon remains a low-calorie, low-fat, guilt-free indulge

Section 13 of Companies Act, 2013

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This article is written by Gautam Badlani. This article gives a comprehensive analysis of Section 13 of the Companies Act, 2013. It enlists the statutory requirements that a company has to fulfil while altering its name, registered office or objects. The article also highlights the shift in statutory norms relating to the alteration of the [&hellip

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