2023 Heisman Trophy candidate tracker: Rankings, stats, more

It’s all over but the countin’.

After years of moaning over meh Heisman Trophy races, some began to question the relevance of an 88-year-old award “to the most outstanding player in college football” in this ever-changing world of NIL, the transfer portal and an impatient rush toward becoming NFL 2.0.

But look at that bronzed New Yorker, spending this entire 2023 season stiff-arming all that chatter about his demise. How? By joining forces with a roster of young teammates located coast-to-coast and conference-to-conference, throwing and running and catching footballs at rate so rapid that it has had our Heisman Tracker graphic climbing and falling like the Griswolds on the Screaming Mimi.

From defending Heisman winner Caleb Williams and a sudden gaggle of would-be Pac-12 successors to SEC and Big Ten superstars, most of whom kept their teams in the CFP scrum all season long, who among them do our ESPN panelists believe will be having their photo taken onstage in Manhattan? We asked. They answered. Just as we’ve done every month of this season. Now you can see our final result while we wait for the final final result on Saturday night.

Points awarded: 5 for first-place votes, 4 for second, 3 for third, 2 for fourth and 1 for fifth. Odds by ESPN BET.

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