Four Kerala start-ups named for Nasscom’s 2023 Emerge-50 awards

Four nascent companies incubating under the Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) have been named for Nasscom’s Emerge-50 Awards (2023).

Prophaze Technologies, Fuselage Innovations, Sascan Medtech and Inntot Technologies are engaged in software development and services, besides IT-enabled and BPO services.

Prophaze’s web security application is reported to monitor, detect and mitigate cyber-attacks in real time in a fraction of seconds. It can protect all sets of web API, web applications, mobile back-end apps, ERP solutions and CRM, among others.

Fuselage’s innovative drone ensures crop protection, besides enhancing farming efficiency amid labour shortages and evolving environmental conditions. Tailored to agriculture 4.0, the idea was developed in the aftermath of the Kerala floods of 2017 and 2018, which depleted soil nutrients that has impacted crop yields.

OralScan by Sascan is a multispectral imaging camera that employs multiple LEDs and a high-resolution monochrome camera to detect changes in tissue autofluorescence and reflected light, crucial for early oral cancer detection. Its cloud-based ML algorithm processes real-time images, guiding accurate biopsy and histopathological diagnosis. Implemented by institutions such as Tata Memorial Hospital and NGOs such as Ekohum Foundation, OralScan is the world’s first handheld intraoral device, offering objective cancer screening, surpassing subjective methods.

Inntot innovates by replacing dedicated radio chips with its software-defined radio-based digital radio receiver solutions.

KSUM is the Kerala government’s nodal agency for entrepreneurship development and incubation.

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