How Much Do Siamese Cats Cost? 2024 Price Guide

Bringing home a new Siamese Cat is a significant decision that will cause lifestyle changes. Along with getting used to living with a cat roommate, you’ll have to consider how much you’ll be spending on your cat every month. Siamese Cats have an average life expectancy of 10–15 years, so they’re certainly not a cheap investment.

Getting a realistic picture of how much a Siamese Cat will cost will help you determine if it’s the right time for you to bring home a new cat. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled information on how much you can expect to spend on initial one-time costs and ongoing costs for cat care. We also made lists that break down specific items that you can expect to purchase when caring for a Siamese Cat.

Bringing Home a New Siamese Cat: One-Time Costs

Aside from paying for your Siamese Cat, you can expect to spend at least a couple of hundreds of dollars on initial costs. These costs include veterinary exams, supplies, and cat furniture. In general, you can expect to pay anywhere between $750 to $4,175 on initial one-time costs.

One-time costs can vary significantly because of the wide range of prices for different cat products. The price you pay for your Siamese Cat will also vary. Buying Siamese Cats from breeders tends to be much more expensive than paying for adoption fees. Older Siamese Cats also usually cost less than kittens.


It’s rare to find a Siamese Cat for free, as they’re a popular breed, and most adoption centers have adoption fees. The most common way to adopt a Siamese Cat without paying is to adopt from a family member or friend who can no longer take care of their Siamese Cat.

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Adopting from an animal rescue or adoption organization is the most common way to bring home a Siamese Cat. Adoption fees change based on the cat’s age. Kittens are typically more expensive, and they may also require paying for their spay or neuter surgery. Older cats typically have lower adoption fees, especially once they reach their senior years.

Keep in mind that it’s uncommon to find purebred Siamese Cats at adoption centers. The cats you’ll find are more likely to be mixed-breed cats with some Siamese Cat in their lineage.


Prices for purebred Siamese Cats depend on a variety of factors. Some purebred Siamese Cats are bred as companion pets, while show-quality cats have more prestigious pedigrees. Show-quality cats are much more expensive, but it’s not always necessary to buy one of these cats. If you don’t plan on breeding or competing in shows, a Siamese Cat bred for companionship is perfectly fine. Just make sure that you’re buying from a reputable and knowledgeable breeder who has a clear love for Siamese Cats. This will ensure you bring home a healthy, well-adjusted Siamese Cat.

Initial Setup and Supplies

Initial setup costs have a wide range because there are numerous options and variations of the same kinds of products. Therefore, you can make significant savings if you choose budget-friendly options. Just remember to use your best judgment and not sacrifice too much quality for cheaper prices. At times, choosing a more expensive, well-made product will save you more money in the long run.

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List of Siamese Care Supplies and Costs

ID Tag and Collar $15 – $20
Spay/Neuter $200 – $350
Vaccines $100 – $200
Microchip $50 – $75
Vet Visit $60 – $100
Litter Box $30 – $100
Litter Scoop $5 – $10
Cat Litter $20 – $50
Cat Bed $20 – $50
Cat Tree $75 – $200
Cat Scratcher $10 – $30
Cat Food $20 – $50
Food and Water Bowls $10 – $30
Toys $20
Treats $10 – $15
Carrier $30 – $75

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How Much Does a Siamese Cat Cost Per Month?

You can expect most of your monthly costs to go into buying cat food, toys, and litter. Realistically, monthly cat care costs will look different throughout the year. You can expect to spend more on months that have routine veterinary care visits and grooming appointments scheduled. Some months may not require extra spending if you have enough cat supplies. Keeping track of inventory regularly can help you budget by preventing product waste and purchasing too many cat supplies.

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Health Care

Siamese Cats are generally healthy cats, and many Siamese Cat owners don’t spend too much on monthly health care costs once their new cats fully settle into their homes. Most of your monthly health-related costs will go into buying cat food and paying an insurance premium if you purchase a pet insurance plan. You may also pay a little extra for preventative medication during flea and tick season.


The amount spent on cat food varies significantly. In general, dry cat food is the cheapest and has a longer shelf life. So, there may be months when you don’t have to purchase any food.

Wet cat food is often more palatable to cats, but they’re usually more expensive. You can also look into subscription cat food services. These services tend to be among the priciest options, but good brands will deliver fresh, high-quality food to your home and make shopping for cat food extremely convenient for you.


You won’t be spending too much money on grooming for most months, and there will be some months where you don’t spend any money at all. Siamese Cats just have to be brushed consistently to keep their coats healthy and mat-free. Sometimes, you may have to schedule grooming appointments if your cat doesn’t like baths at home or if it’s difficult to trim their nails on your own.

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Medications and Vet Visits

Once your Siamese Cat has completed their kitten vaccination schedule, you won’t really have reasons to visit your veterinarian outside of annual check-ups. So, there will be months when you don’t spend any money on vet visits or medical expenses.

You may have to start considering monthly costs once flea and tick season starts in your region. Using preventative flea and tick products are recommended for all cats, including indoor cats, as fleas can easily infiltrate the interior of a house.

If your cat requires taking medication for a health issue, you can usually find coupons or online pet pharmacies that offer discounts and generic medicine. So, it’s very possible to save on medication costs if you do a little shopping around.,

Pet Insurance

Cat insurance premiums are determined by a variety of factors. Your cat’s age and breed play a significant role, and cats with pre-existing health conditions tend to have higher insurance premiums. Where you live also affects premium prices, and you’ll usually end up with higher premiums if you live in a city with higher living costs.

Pet insurance offers different levels of coverage, deductible amounts, and lifetime benefit amounts. Your premiums will vary, and you can usually get cheaper pet insurance if you opt for a plan with higher deductibles and lower benefit amounts.

Environment Maintenance

The main routine environmental maintenance costs for cats come from their litter box. You’ll have to make regular purchases for cat litter and other litter box products that eliminate odors and keep your living space clean and smelling fresh.

You may also have to replace cat scratchers monthly if your cat enjoys scratching. Fortunately, you can find budget-friendly cat scratchers made of cardboard that are both recyclable and easy to replace.

Cat litter $15/month
Litter box liners $15/month
Deodorizing spray or granules $10/month
Cardboard Scratcher $10/month


Toys are essential cat supplies, and they should be replaced regularly to prevent boredom. Boredom can become detrimental to a cat’s well-being and lower their quality of life significantly. It can cause cats to become depressed or anxious, and some may engage in destructive behavior.

Fortunately, cat toys are fairly affordable, and you can find some options that are just a couple of dollars. You can also subscribe to a cat toy box, which is a subscription service that sends an assortment of toys and treats straight to your home every month. Cat toy boxes are excellent boredom busters for curious cats that love to play because they usually contain high-quality, unique toys that you won’t find at the pet store. Most cat box subscription services offer discounts on their boxes if you subscribe and pay for multi-month plans.

Total Monthly Cost of Owning a Siamese Cat

Monthly costs for cats include health care products and services, food, toys, grooming, and litter box maintenance. There’s a lot of wiggle room with monthly budgeting, and you can experience significant savings by choosing budget-friendly products. Pet insurance may also help you keep tabs on veterinary care costs by providing a predictable amount you have to pay every month.

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Additional Costs to Factor In

It’s a good idea to budget and set aside some money for unforeseen events. You may need to pay for a cat sitter or cat boarding service if you have to be away from your cat for a couple of days. It’s also important to save for emergency medical treatments in case your cat gets injured in an accident, especially if you don’t have pet insurance.

Another additional cost you may need to consider is cat training. If your cat develops a challenging behavior, such as aggression or separation anxiety, it’s worth enlisting the help of a professional cat trainer or behaviorist. These professionals can help you identify what’s triggering your cat’s behavior and help you come up with a practical training plan to help you and your cat.

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Owning a Siamese Cat on a Budget

It’ll require extra time and research, but it’s possible to own a Siamese Cat on a budget. One of the best ways to save on costs is to look for affordable recurring supplies, including cat food, treats, toys, and litter.

Research reputable brands that set their products at lower prices without sacrificing quality, and don’t fall for gimmicks. Many cat products have fancy features that you won’t ever end up using. So, it’s often better to choose sturdy and durable products, even if they may not look aesthetically appealing.

Always consult your veterinarian before adding supplements or making other significant changes to your cat’s diet. In many cases, supplements aren’t necessary, and you can just end up spending money on expensive supplements and diets that your cat doesn’t need.

Saving Money on Siamese Cat Care

One of the best ways to save money on Siamese Cat Care is to look for discount opportunities. It’s possible to save more by subscribing to auto-shipments for products you use regularly. Signing up for free membership reward programs from your favorite brands can also help you gain access to more sales and discount opportunities. You may also want to explore pet insurance options while your Siamese Cat is young and healthy so that you can get the most coverage for them and avoid paying expensive medical bills out-of-pocket.

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Overall, you can expect to pay between $750 to $4,175 on one-time costs and $115 to $600 on monthly costs for caring for a Siamese Cat. The most significant factor that affects one-time costs is where you get your Siamese Cat. Adopting from an animal shelter or rescue is often much cheaper than purchasing a Siamese Cat from a breeder.

Monthly costs can vary significantly, and you can expect peaks when it’s time to schedule your cat’s next routine physical exam or grooming appointment. You can lower your monthly budget by lessening your purchases of premium products and making the most of discounts and sales on your most frequently used cat care products. Taking the time to budget and research cat care costs will only help you to be a responsible Siamese Cat owner and ensure your cat lives a happy and healthy life.

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