Morocco, Portugal, Spain submit bidding agreement for 2030 World Cup

FIFA announced Thursday that it has received bidding agreement from Morocco, Portugal and Spain for the 2030 World Cup, which is the sole candidate to date. 

FIFA also confirmed that Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay filed as bidders to host the centenary celebration, and that Saudi Arabia submitted bidding for the 2034 FIFA World Cup.

According to FIFA, the sport’s global governing body, they will conduct a targeted dialogue with all bidders in January next year, and will publish its evaluation reports after a thorough evaluation process. 

“The FIFA Council unanimously agreed that the sole candidacy will be the combined bid of Morocco, Portugal, and Spain, which will host the event in 2030 and qualify automatically from the existing slot allocation subject to the completion of a successful bidding process conducted by FIFA and a decision by the FIFA Congress in 2024,” FIFA said in a statement.

“Additionally, having taken into account the historical context of the first-ever FIFA World Cup, the FIFA Council further unanimously agreed to host a unique centenary celebration ceremony in the country’s capital, Montevideo… as well as three World Cup matches in Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay respectively.”

With the World Cup being held across six countries in two different hemispheres, it might mean some teams play their group matches in different seasons. 

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