Most Popular Cat Names That Start with N in 2024

Before bringing home a new cat, you’ll have important decisions to make. One of the first is who will be your cat’s veterinarian, but before you establish care for your pet, you’ll need a name for their account.

Choosing a cat name can be a daunting task, given how many options are out there. One way to narrow your choices is to stick with names that start with a single letter, such as N. Here are the most popular cat names that start with N, based on Rover’s database of top cat names, plus some other amazing choices to consider.

Most Popular Cat Names That Start with N

1. Norbert

Norbert is not only popular but also the top trending cat name in 2023. Uses of this cat name are up 156% this year over the last. If you’re a cat owner who likes to keep up with the latest trends, it might be the perfect cat’s name for you.

This unique name won’t suit every cat, so take the time to get to know your pet before you decide if he’s a Norbert.

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2. Nya

Given the popularity of Sex and the City, it’s no surprise that the reboot of the show, And Just Like That, is also a hit with viewers. Cat names inspired by this TV series gained popularity in 2023 as well.

Uses of the name Nya, inspired by the character Nya Wallace, increased by 5% this year. Interestingly, the names used for most of the original show’s characters were down in 2023, except for Charlotte, which increased by 3%.

3. Neil

Cat names inspired by the popular and critically acclaimed TV series The Bear remain favorites of kitty owners in 2023. The name Neil is the 7th most popular moniker taken from this show.

Although uses of this name did decrease by 13% in 2023, the character played by real-life chef Matty Matheson still has plenty of namesake cats roaming the homes of America.  With a new season of the show expected to drop in 2024, we can expect cat names from The Bear to remain in favor.

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4. Natalie

Female kittens can get their name inspired by a character from The Bear, too. Natalie, the name of Abby Elliot’s character, is the 10th most popular name from the show.

Uses of this name decreased by 23% in 2023; however, with so many other celebrities named Natalie, it’s tough to know who’s responsible for the drop. Natalie will have another chance at popularity when The Bear goes back into production early next year.

5. Neptune

Out-of-this-world cat names trended up in 2023, including that of the blue planet Neptune. This name seems like it would fit a cool, beautiful cat.

It’s also an excellent option for kitties with blue eyes or fur. Maybe a Russian Blue? Uses of the name Neptune were up 33% in 2023 compared to the year before. It was the third most popular planet name, trailing Earth and Saturn.

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Other Great Names That Start with N

They didn’t earn a seat at the popular kid’s table, but that doesn’t mean you should write them off. Here are other great cat names that start with N.

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Any of these 130+ cat names that start with N could be the right fit for your cat, but you won’t always know immediately. As soon as you choose your cat’s new name, use it frequently to help them learn it.

Get your cat’s attention with food and say their name as you offer them tasty treats. And don’t forget to register your kitty’s microchip with their new name and add the information to their collar or tag.

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