Tortoiseshell Cat: Info, Pictures, Care & Facts


It’s hard not to notice a tortoiseshell cat. Their appearance is striking, with their uniquely colored fur. No two felines are the same, and genetics control the variations. The vast majority are also female, adding to their mystique. The pattern is more prevalent in some breeds, but the tortoiseshell is not a breed; it merely […]

Trumponomics would not be as bad as most expect


In markets it is known as the “Trump trade”, a bet that Donald Trump’s return to the White House would herald more inflation and higher interest rates. Many of Mr Trump’s core policies push in this direction: tariffs would add to import costs, deportations of immigrants could push up wages and deficit-financed tax cuts would […]

Ravi Kumar vs. Julmi Devi (2010) 

Legal Law

This article is written by Shreeji Saraf. This article talks about the case of Ravi Kumar vs. Julmi Devi (2010) which in turn further provides an understanding of the facts, what were the issues raised, judgement of the Court, arguments that were presented by both the parties and it highlights what were legal aspects involved […]

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