Payana Museum showcases 50 years of vintage car collection

A drive to Srirangapatna that sits along the Bengaluru-Mysuru expressway is a car metaphor. You pass a big building whose façade resembles a car tyre. Hard to miss. This newly opened Payana car museum is an epiphany of auto buff Dr D Veerendra Heggade, who has personally collected each of the vintage cars over the last 50 years. A shiny black 1962 Standard Herald, which is no longer seen on the streets thanks to no spare parts or customers, greets visitors at the entrance.

Payana in Kannada stands for ‘journey’, and true to its name, a visit to the museum is like taking a journey through time. “Vintage vehicles function not solely as means of transportation but also as ambassadors and tangible remnants of history and heritage. They remind us of the grace and elegance of a bygone era,” Heggade spouts flourishing phrases.

Spread over 23 acres, the museum houses 69 vehicles. The collection reflect different eras when tyres ruled the road, while offering a comprehensive overview of the automotive industry’s evolution. The museum is not just a drop-in-look-selfie place but has interactive exhibits that offer insights into the rich history through live models. “Echoing the ethos of ‘from carts to cars’, Payana proudly showcases the evolution of automobile travel,” says Shraddha Amith, Director, Payana Museum.

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