Lenovo partners with Intel, launches hybrid cloud platforms and services

Chinese tech giant Lenovo has announced enhancements to its hybrid cloud platform. Partnering with tech giant Intel by using their new CPUs, Lenovo aims to deliver the latest technology across the ThinkSystem portfolio. This includes new ThinkAgile hyper-converged solutions and ThinkSystem servers powered by the next generation of Intel Xeon Scalable Processors. 

The company claims its ThinkAgile hybrid cloud solutions are engineered to boost AI performance and build cloud agility by delivering more computing and faster memory to its portfolio. They also claim that Lenovo Professional Services for AI and TruScale as-a-service offerings help customers simplify IT and accelerate AI with new integrated hybrid cloud-for-edge capabilities, to help businesses grow and only pay for what they require. The expanded platform was designed to help customers take AI from concept to reality, leveraging the existing IT architecture. 

“This launch marks a step towards strengthening our commitment to AI for All. Our new Hybrid Cloud Platforms propel innovation and offer to create a faster, more flexible path to AI,” said Sumir Bhatia, President – AP, Lenovo ISG. Stating the solutions provide up to 15 per cent better performance, he said, “These solutions come in a consumption model and seamlessly integrate with the existing IT infrastructure for a dynamic hybrid AI approach.”

The next generation of Lenovo ThinkAgile hybrid cloud solutions and ThinkSystem servers with 5th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors feature built-in AI acceleration with Intel’s AMX technology supporting AI inferencing and training on models up to 20 billion parameters. Additionally, the portfolio provides an open architecture with management, reliability, and end-to-end security to help companies of all sizes work across hybrid multi-clouds.

Amit Luthra, Managing Director – India, Lenovo ISG said, “With escalating data generation and technology initiatives, the demand for advanced processing capabilities for AI workloads is becoming imperative. As Indian businesses undergo IT modernisation, Lenovo recognises the need for enhanced performance to accelerate AI applications.” He added that Lenovo’s Hybrid AI solutions offer a scalable pathway for AI implementations, presenting cost-effective models that align seamlessly with the needs of diverse businesses in India. 

Lenovo’s ThinkAgile Next-Gen Hybrid Cloud Solutions also features next-gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors. The Lenovo TruScale for Hybrid Cloud offers an AI performance-as-a-service solution.

(Reporting by BL Intern Sanjana B)

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